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A Few of My Favorite Things

I get asked for recommendations on products pretty regularly.  In general, I agree with the philosophy that the only things you need to be successful on your health and fitness journey are an ability to work hard, consistency, and good … Continue reading

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Post-Workout Nutrition – A Very Important Duck

I always tell people there are 3 ‘most important’ meals of the day:  breakfast, your pre-workout meal, and your post-workout meal.  When I begin working with someone and start fine-tuning their eating habits, breakfast is usually an easy one to … Continue reading

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The 3 most dangerous words for your waistline

No, not “another donut, please” – although that’s certainly not going to help matters. When I sit down with someone for the first time to talk about their goals and how I can assist them, we always talk about nutrition.  … Continue reading

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FREE Workshop Thursday 11/17 in East Asheville

My colleague Samantha Pollack will be conducting a free informative workshop Thursday, November 17th.  This workshop will discuss handling holiday stresses such as family, finances, and food – with a healthy emphasis on the latter.  Samantha will be cooking up … Continue reading

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Proof you might not be eating enough

It’s a growing trend these days that many trainers and dieticians will attest to – a lot of people trying to lose weight are under-eating.  It’s simple, really – when you dramatically underfeed your body, your metabolism begins to slow … Continue reading

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Airplane food in the new generation

We spent all day Saturday in airports and on planes heading back to Oregon to visit my family. This is my first visit back since moving to Asheville in March, and it was definitely great to see everyone again. We … Continue reading

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Why I hate the HCG Diet

Note:  Sarcasm and irritation follow – you’ve been warned! Fad diets are nothing new.  The real challenge is keeping up with them, and being smart in recognizing a new one when it appears. The one you’ve probably seen popping up … Continue reading

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Food and the things you chew it with

I went to the dentist today to get a tooth pulled.  I had a head injury several years back that broke a tooth off at the gumline, and it’s just been sitting in there hanging out since then (this is … Continue reading

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Eat Healthy Asheville! restaurant interview series

Attention Asheville restaurant owners! I’m beginning a series of promotional/educational interviews discussing healthy eating options at local restaurants in the Asheville area.  The idea will be to promote healthier items on your menus, and to speak to some people who … Continue reading

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Oatmeal – the Gold Standard for Breakfast?

While anyone who knows anything will tell you that breakfast isn’t something you can skip without wrecking your metabolism, there’s a great deal of disagreement over what constitutes a good breakfast. When people talk about having toast and coffee for … Continue reading

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