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Rebecca F.

Few decisions can be filed under “best decision ever”, and working with Darin Starr is one of those decisions. From day one he makes it very clear that whatever you need and whatever questions you have, that he is in your corner and you aren’t doing this alone.

I met with Darin at the end of May but didn’t begin training with him until August. The consultation was much different than what I imagined. He wasn’t trying to sell anything, he gave me solid ideas to begin working out and eating healthier. Then sent me off with instructions to call, e-mail, or text him with any question or concern I had. His want to motivate and help you succeed is apparent from the minute you meet him.

Darin raises the bar in all aspects of personal training. Not only does Darin have a wide array of exercises in his arsenal, he is very well versed in nutrition. He set me up with a solid, clearly laid out plan with numerous ideas for meals. How many calories I should be eating, what types of foods I should be eating, simple ideas to prepare those foods, alternatives to foods I don’t like, etc. As a full time student with a part time job, convenience is key. One of the great things about Darin is his understanding. He has never made me feel guilty, embarrassed or made me feel the need to lie about what I’ve eaten. After Thanksgiving he asked how I had been doing with my food choices. I was honest, and told him I had been eating out too much and not been making great choices. The first thing he said wasn’t, “well then we are wasting our time here”, or “do you really need to be eating that junk?”. It was “what can I do to help?”.

During our sessions, I have his complete attention. He makes it clear, you are his priority. If I say “hey, my arms are super sore from the last session”, he gives me a fist pound then takes me through some stretches to loosen them up. He encourages open communication; he asks on a regular basis “how was that?” and expects an honest answer. In my case that can range anywhere from “I don’t ever want to do that again”, to “I didn’t hate that”.

From August to present, our sessions have been varied. I’ve been working out with him anywhere from two to three times per week, and every session has included at least one new exercise or a new variation. Before Darin, I could have told you probably two basic exercises and preformed even less than that correctly. I have the knowledge base now, that if I wanted to I could continue this journey on my own. I know what I should be eating, exercises for specific muscle groups, how many sets/reps I should be doing and proper form for those exercises.

It makes a world of difference having a professional like Darin in your corner. There is no guessing game as to what you should be doing. If you’re looking for someone to help you reach your goals, even if you don’t know what exactly they may be, Darin Starr is THE best choice. I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, knowledge and confidence. You can’t and won’t find a more knowledgeable, personable, comical, and genuinely good hearted personal trainer within 500 miles, so stop looking and give him a call!

About Darin Starr

Darin is an ACSM certified trainer in Asheville, North Carolina. He works with clients 1-on-1, with partners and small groups, and also teaches group fitness classes.
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Few decisions can be filed under “best decision ever”, and working with Darin Starr is one of those decisions. From day one he makes it very clear that whatever you need and whatever questions you have, that he is in … Continue reading

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